Thursday, August 31, 2017

FREEBIE - Atkins

I am struggling with my weight, and more importantly, my daughter's weight.  When I feel like I need chocolate - let's face it, most women feel this need - I grab an Atkins Bar. Now you can grab them for FREE and get awesome coupons, too!
I also grab a Chocolate Chip Granola Bar when I'm too rushed for breakfast.  It's a meal replacement bar.  It fills me up, gives me the protein and I need, and is light on the carbs I do NOT need.


Some of you may know me as Penny Pinching Polly.  The addition of my second (ninja quick) child led me to some much needed changes.  My life, and my blog, are so much more than just budgeting and saving money. It is time for my blog to reflect that.  And so, PurelyPolly, was born. 

I hope you enjoy it.  It will be much like me - fun, crazy, and sometimes a tearjerker.